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Originally Researched & Compiled by K Workman, with numerous Additions/Corrections & Documents provided by PeopleLocates.com, and originally by the PeopleFinderNow.com team. Much updated information was contributed by viewers like you who let us know. The entire community thanks you. It's a fact that ALL states allow falsification of birth certificates - they are all guilty of changing the true birth information, issuing an amended birth certificate, and sealing the original... usually 'forever'. Some states go even a step further, according to reunited Triadians.

False Birth Certificates and illegal Immigrants The fraudulent acquisition of valid birth certificates is only part of the problem. Birth certificates are vulnerable to inexpensive counterfeiting, largely because there is no single national standard for them. Even in the strictest states, the information required for obtaining a birth certificate can often be found easily. Since most states do not match death and birth records, or do so very slowly, illegal immigrants assuming the identity of the recently deceased face little risk of detection.

Recently, Ancestry.com has taken offline access to the Social Security Death Index, which previously provided such important information such as mother's maiden name, and Social Security number of the deceased, but this was just one avenue of access. It has been recommended that the federal government adopt one standard design for all certified copies of birth certificates. Additional recommendations include a nationwide system for matching birth and death records, limiting the types of birth certificates accepted by federal agencies, standardized application forms for birth certificates and computerized storage of birth records by each state.

Updated April 25, 2018

What's changed
ARIZONA (see note) Amended birth certificate looks like the original; no indication of an adoption occurring. AZ adoptees may not be aware that they are adopted.
CALIFORNIA (numerious changes-see note) Numerious alterations regarding one of our cases. First/middle name change of child. Subtle birth time change. Birth mother's full name and radical age change. Birth place for mother remains the same. Birth father's full name change, radical age change & birth place change. Note: The child in the certificates we have "was not" adopted, and this falsified birth certificate "slipped through the cracks", and was recorded as a legal California birth certificate. Click to take a look at it False Ca Birth Certificate Document used with permission
FLORIDA (date and/or city of birth) Changing city of birth to reflect the location of intermediary/aparents is STILL a practice that's going on. I understand that they stopped tampering with birth dates in *either* 1972 or 1974. I'm unable to confirm this. In another story, Man Sues To Annul His Adoption.A FL Man discovered he was sold for $200 by a baby broker after his young mother was coerced into giving him up under an assumed name, according to state records recently unsealed.Click Here to read about it
GEORGIA (date and/or birthplace, plus non-id info) Like FL, legally allows changing city of birth to reflect location (county) of aparents, as well as outright lies in non-id info... including false medical information. In addition, the state will apparently allow changing of birthdate at the aparent's [formal] request, by more than a YEAR. GA is a particularly nasty state in regards to adoption policies and procedures.
ILLINOIS (date of birth) The adoptee who wrote had her date of birth changed to the tune of ~12+ months!!
INDIANA (month/day of birth) During the 1950's, the court allowed adoptive parents to change month and day of birth. Also, amended birth certificate looks like the original; no indication of an adoption occurring. IN adoptees may not be aware that they are adopted.
IOWA (state code changed, no adoption numbers) On one certificate we were made aware of, the state code didn't match the Iowa Code (114) it had a 103 for a state code, which is Arkansas. Also along with the BC numbers it didn't have any adoption numbers that should go along with the original BC numbers, which is usually 5 or more digits. It would appear this certificate has the real BC number on the Birth Certificate. We were told The Birth Certificate is Pink in color, which our source has run across a lot of from other Iowa adoptees, but they always had the extra 5 digits along with the Original BC number.
LOUISIANA (state code, birth year) In one case reported to us, state code (should be 117) is scratched out with a pen, and there is no number for the year.It only has four digits, and then "-D" which, adoptee assumes, means duplicate. Adoptee was told that original BC was lost in a fire at vital statistics,(how many times have we heard that one!!) and that the mother had the doctor send in a new one when attending grammar school for the first time.
MARYLAND (city of birth) The reunited adoptee was born in Washington, D.C., but her amended b/c states that she was born in Maryland... home of her aparents.
MASSACHUSETTS (date of birth) (no other info)
MICHIGAN (date of birth) (no other info)
MINNESOTA (falsification of non-id info) (no other info)
MISSISSIPPI (adoptee birth certificate file number) (one male adoptee file# has only 4 digits, and has no state or year code)
MISSOURI birth certificate file numbers One person reported birth year in BC #. Uncertain if this is code indicating an adoption, or delayed B.Another reported the birth year appearing in each family members' certificate numbers. BC numbers also begin with "00". MO Vital Records claims format was changed in the 1960's to prevent fraud
NEW JERSEY hudson county-entire certificate-(non adopton related) Somebody in Hudson county was selling false birth certificates. The way he did it was to add false records in the Hudson county archives, then sell that information to an illegal. Then the illegal could just ask for a duplicate passport and be issued one because the information he would provide would be in the hudson county archives where they look to verify that the birth occured. Also – the non-adoption related situation with Hudson County requires people born there to travel to Trenton to get copies of their birth certificatesClick Here to read more New Jersey. Place of birth is allowed to be changed by law. But now needs a judge’s approval. 26:8-40.1 Adopted children, birth certificates; procedure. 26:8-40.1. When any person born in New Jersey who has been adopted pursuant to provisions of the laws of any state or country, and which adoption has been certified to the State Registrar as required by paragraph B of section 15 of P.L.1953, c.264 (C.9:3-31) or there is submitted a certification or a certified copy of the decree or judgment of the court in such adoption proceedings, the State Registrar shall establish, in lieu of the original birth record, a certificate of birth showing (a) the name of the adopted person as changed by the decree of adoption, if changed, (b) the date and place of birth, (c) the names of the adopting parents or parent including the maiden name of the female adopting parent if such name is given in the certification or certified copy of the decree or judgment of the court, and (d) the date of filing. In any instance where the child has been adopted by the spouse of the natural parent the name of such parent shall also be entered on the new certificate of birth. Such certificate shall be of the same general type as is used in making a birth certificate for a person who has not been adopted. Upon application by an adopting parent or parents of any person born in the United States and adopted pursuant to the laws of this State, the court before which the adoption proceedings have been conducted, may, for good cause shown, direct and order that the place of birth shall be the residence of the adopting parent or parents at the time of said adoption; provided, however, that the adopting parent or parents were residents of this State at the time of said adoption.
NEW YORK dob dob appears to have been changed for one adoptee Janet's been in contact with
NORTH CAROLINA (county of birth) It is customary to change the COUNTY to that of the aparents not city of birth. NC does not give the city. Also the names of birth parents are changed to that of the aparents just as if they gave birth. There is no mention on the BC that this child was adopted or the BC is amended. Additional information- North Carolina admits to changing the place of birth of the adoptee to the residence of the adoptive parents in amended birth certificates. From the Rayleigh News and Observer - 25 April 2007
OHIO (certificate numbers change The state of OHIO issues new numbers to adoptees after finalization of the adoption. The only numbers that will remain the same are 134 for the state code and the actual year of birth. Does not store Original BCs (that have been affected by an adoption) at a COUNTY level......Original BCs are kept at a state level and locked in a vault, not to be opened without a signed Judge's Order, which must be requested by filing a Petition through the court. Fees to file the petition vary from county -to- county. Cuyahoga county and Franklin county rarely ever honor a petition. The use of state records to "research" an adoption is now limited to 3 hours per appointment, and appoinments are allowed to be made one month in advance, one research token per month. One case reported to us indicated the females mothers maiden name was changed. The first name is spelled incorrectly, her middle initial is wrong, as well as her birth month was changed. All of that, and is wasn't even a full adoption, just adopted by her mothers husband. Fortunately the husband (her bf) still posses all of her original birth info. IMPORTANT! OHIO Birth Index is INCOMPLETE for the following years: 1969, 1971,1972,1973, 1974, and 1975. There are several years that are missing data.
RHODE ISLAND (state of birth) The reunited adoptee who wrote was born in MA, but her amended b/c states that she was born in RI... home of her aparents.
Tennessee Nearly everything on Original BC false Other than the county of birth, and hospital name, matching the amended BC, not much else does. The non identifying information indicated "half" Cherokee Indian, however the adoptee had a DNA test which said 100 percent European. The adoptee opened her search with child and family services 3 times and came to a dead end 3 times. The investigator said the birth mother wasn't a citizen of the U S and may have been from Great Britain.. and that the person listed in her case NEVER existed. The adoptee started the process of appeals with the courts but also to no avail as they will not open a case ever that is listed at the age of 14 or a rape . We have taken into account the 100 year flood in Nashville in 2010. Still, many unanswered questions such as where are the hospital records, and admittance records showing the birth mother's ID? The hospital records may have been "taken", in a very clever and orchestrated cover-up. The director told the adoptee (in addition to the investigator), that all the information were lies,. and that the person on paper they were searching for Does Not Exist
TEXAS (city of birth and date of birth) Allows changing city, and date of birth (but not the year).
UTAH (no details) (no details)
WASHINGTON, DC (city of birth) (no other info)

SEARCHERS BEWARE!! The likelihood that your birth certificate was falsified is actually *quite* small.... but it IS a possibility. Widen your search parameters: look for near-dates, and cities other than the one listed on your amended birth certificate, just in case you've been a victim of gross b/c falsification. It happens.

*State Birth Certificate Codes
AK - 150AL - 101 MI - 121 MN - 122
AR - 103AZ - 102 MO - 124 MS - 123
CA - 104CO - 105 MT - 125 NC - 132
CT - 106DC - 108 ND - 133 NE - 126
DE - 107FL - 109 NH - 128? NJ - 129
GA - 110HI - 151 NM - 130 NV - 127
IA - 114ID - 111 NY - 139,131? or 156
IL - 112IN - 113 OH - 134 OK - 135
KS - 115KY - 116 OR - 136 SD - 140
LA - 117 or 157MA - 120? PA - 137? RI - 138
MD - 119 or 154ME - 118 SC - 139 TN - 141
TX - 142UT - 144 VA - 145 VT - 143?
WA - 146WI - 148 WV - 147 WY - 149
It appears as though not all states adhere to the federal system, namely NH and PA. The numbers with a question mark are states that cannot be verified. It appears as though MD and NY issue a completely new number to adoptees. The fourth and fifth digits signify the year on all. For example if you were born in FL, your number should appear as 109-65-OOOOO. The 109 stands for FL and the 65 stands for the year. The remaining numbers are the file number.


*Note: If you have any additional information regarding false birth certificates in any state or country, let the community know by adding to this list. Please email us the information for review if you're sure it's valid. Email Us  

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