California Non identifying information (non-id) Document

California non identifying information (non-id) Document

The below 6 pages is an actual California non-id (non identifying information document.
If you are an adoptee, you might receive a similar document. Each one is different of course
as each adoption history is different. Note that in this particular one, it does not state
where the birth father was from. Typically birth father information comes from the birth mother
at the time of her intake interviews with her social worker.Whatever she decides to
reveal about the birth father is recorded and what the adoptee will get. No verification of birth
father information was made in earlier years by California social services as it is today.

Non id is an important tool in the birth parent search, and provides comfort and answers
to an adoptee about the situation surrounding his or her adoption. In cases where the birth
parents cannot be found, or are found but do not wish contact, or are deceased by the time the
adoptee decides to start looking-(subject for another discussion)- non id can afford great confort
and solice providing a small measure of closure, or hope for a new opening.
Non Id is every adoptee (& birth parents') legal right to request and receive.

Note: The below California non id is authentic. It has been heavily censored by us to protect the
identity of the adoptee, as well as the identity of the social worker.

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