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Maybe you've been in an online relationship for weeks or months, but something doesn't feel quite right now. Communication had been going along just fine, but all of a sudden the person cancels the original account he met you on (a common first clue) like on OkCupid, Match, OurTime or ChristainMingle ect, changing communication method quickly to Yahoo or email, ect..

Other early warning signs that your love interest may not be who they say they are can be things like Facebook profiles with fewer than 100 friends or photos of the person always pictured with other people Or possibly no photo at all. In this day and age if someone can't immediately send you a picture of themselves, something is wrong. Even if they send you a photo, the picture may not be of themselves.

A few other clues to watch out for is syntax, grammar, spelling or sudden change of tone. No Webcam? The scammer is likely avoiding real contact. More sophisticated scammers will use a friend or even hire someone to pose as themselves and talk with you. Another clue is the sudden and difficult situation they find themselves in (injuries or illness) requesting money-typically via Western Union (difficult to trace).

The list of scams and techniques to winning your heart and (bank account) goes on and on. It is important to save all emails, photos and other communications from this person you think may be out to take you for a ride. Let us look into this for you.We have saved a good number of women and a few men from emotional and financial heartache. When in doubt, have us check them out. Fill out the form below and describe the situation indicating what specific subject information you have. You will feel better for having made the decision to check out your suspicions

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