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    By using any of the below DMV searches, you agree that you have a DPPA (Drivers Privacy Protection Act) permissible purpose- 18 U.S.C. ยง 2721 et. seq. (Public Law 103-322). Litigation/Pre-litigation,Debt Recovery/Fraud Investigation, Government Agency, On Government Behalf, Insurer/Claims Investigation, Motor Vehicle safety, theft or driver safety.

    Be aware that the act makes it illegal to obtain drivers' information for unlawful purposes or to make false representations to obtain the information and there are established fines for noncompliance. In other words, you can't use it to find out the name & contact information of someone just because you are "curious". Doing so could get you in legal trouble. If you're not sure if you have an authorized reason it's best to check with someone at the DMV ahead of time. You can also get a list of the accepted reasons on the Wikipedia page about the DPPA here.


    Motor Vehicle Searches Search Description: These are searches of vehicle records by available criteria directly from the State DMV. Some of these searches are returned to us immediately, others are "hand searches" that can take anwhere from 1-15 days. Some states like CA can take 20-30 days to return name and address. Results by Tag/VIN/Title #: will include registered owner, address, vehicle type, description, possible tag, vim etc. Results by Name and Address: will return the VIN number only of each vehicle registered/owned by the Name and Address: provided. To obtain the details of any returned vehicle/VIN, there will be an additional cost per vehicle/VIN search charge. The results from any vehicle search may also include: Lien holders, Insurance information and their addresses but this is NOT Guaranteed. Some searches have additional requirements depending on the state. If applicable to your search, we will advise you.

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