This case was a bio mother in search of the son she had given up for adoption in Ca, and proved of particular interest to me, as an investigator. After reviewing the ad she had placed, I decided I could be of service in her case and so contacted her shortly afterwards.

Lydia had given me the details surrounding the birth of this child, and I began at once looking into it. Subsequently I was to discover that not all of the what she remembered was correct. The place was correct, and the sex of the child was correct, but the date she had thought she had given birth on turned out to be wrong. The inquiries I made eventually lead to the correct DOB of the child, the bio name of the child, the "amended" name, and the names of the adopted parents. Armed with this information, I was able to locate her son within literally days.

Often times, when not able to obtain direct birth information, I am able to locate an adoptee by using the DOB alone, if they are at all plugged into the system. In this case, had I not been able to acquire this birth information and went about solely searching for her son using the DOB she had given me, he would have never been found. This case turned out exceptionally well for everyone and William, her adopted son, now has a wonderful new family in addition to his own.

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