Le Thi Van, Vietnam family reunited after 35 years

Early summer of 2008 we were hired by an overseas Vietnmaese American (Viet Kieu) woman named Van,
to try and locate her family after being separated for 35 years. She had met an American serviceman while he was stationed in Vietnam, married
him and had child while still in Vietnam. She left Vietnam with her husband and son in 1974, the year before the war ended. There
was brief communication with her family but the family lost her her address in America. Van kept trying to contact them, not realizing the
house had been sold, and so her letters were either returned or ended up in limbo. Van had fortunately many photographs of most of her
family including her parents which were already fairly old at that time in 1974.

Van and her husband had enlisted the services of the Red Cross shortly after all attempts at contact had failed, as well as
as a license office for public services which acted as liaison. Both attempts fell through, and many years passed between the next attempt which was our services.
We understand these issues which are highly emotional and can be emotionally draining. People give up hope. Sometimes that hope is renewed.

When we got into the actual search, after some initial information that was not correct, we went to Go Dau, Tay Ninh, began our detective work
and as unbelievable as it may sound, located her family within several hours after arriving in Go Dau, and within walking distance
of the central market we started our physical search from. Tears of joy and happiness were the order for this day.

Le Thi Van had come from a large family as many Vietnamese do, and although both parents had passed away many years ago,the majority
of her family are still living, with some members advancing in years and not in good health.Van is making plans now to return to Vietnam as soon
as possible. It's good Karma from the senders and the receivers, and a good feeling to make other people happy.

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