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Many missing heirs do not know they're entitled to unclaimed assets, often because entitlement comes to light only if they are informed by someone, or through their own search efforts, "due dilligence", and determination that they may have legal claim.

Let's face it, few financial institutions are going to come running after you begging you to file a claim for assets they may hold in your name as a beneficiary. It's up to you. Often deceased relatives or friends, with whom they may have not had recent contact with, passed away without a will or leaving specific financial instructions regarding their wishes. The current financial crisis is very likely to increase unclaimed assets. You may have missing assets awaiting you.

Note: This search is for the United States and parts of Canada (Alberta) only!

The success of a search is dependent upon many variables. Our search service seeks to manage such variables by using computerized and/or manual analysis to match information you supply with information of financial institutions. However, such information may be incomplete, out of date and/or inaccurate in certain respects. Consequently, we cannot give any assurance that:

  • 1.any unclaimed assets exist or exists in the content of the information you have provided;
  • 2.matching information does not guarantee any actual entitlement;
  • 3.that any match will in fact relate to you or give rise to any asset to which you are in fact entitled;
  • 4.there are no other entitlements or claims to any unclaimed asset

  • PeopleLoates.com will not retrieve any assets for you under this search service. Furthermore, this inquiry searches under the name and information of a possible holder of a life insurance policy, not a potential beneficiary. Thus, we cannot tell you if you are included in any given policy or not.

    If any assets are located, you will need to contact the financial institution that holds the asset directly, and satisfy their identity and entitlement authentication procedures before collecting any such unclaimed asset.

    If you have a reason to believe a Missing Inheritance exists but have never received any money, and believe you may be a named beneficiary, please click the Free Consulting Button below to request a price quote. The search results are returned to you by email. We make reasonable efforts to determine if an individual claimed to be deceased, is in fact deceased.The Death Master File (DMF) has been restricted effective March 26, 2014. Death data from before March 26, 2014 is not impacted. Post-March 26, 2014 death records will otherwise be blacked-out for three years, then released in an "open access DMF". What this translates to is if you believe you subject may have passed away Post-March 26, 2014 the search for verification or "proof of death" is made all the more difficult. In such cases, your money is refunded promptly. Provide as much information as you can to give your search the best chance. All information provided is confidential and not resold to anyone. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us:We reserve the right to refuse a specific search at our discretion.

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