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We have all thought about finding someone we loved in the past, even if just to say "hello".
Maybe an old sweetheart from High School or University or from an old job shared together.
Depending on how much information you have,Technology ( plus the skill of the investigator)
has made it possible to find almost anyone with surprisingly very little information.
The decision you have to make is to take the first step and initiate your search..

Once your lost love has been located, and contact has been made, our job is essentially finished and
the rest is up to you. In the case of a male looking for a female, we will make the initial contact to
determine if contact is mutually desired.. Under no circumstances will we release contact information
without prior approval.This is done for the legal and physical protection of all parties concerned.

When you are ready to conduct your search, fill out the form below the video and provide the
information you have. The more information you provide, the better your chances for success.
All information provided is 100% confidential. We will not share your information with anyone.
In case you decide not to reach out to them, you can feel reassured that PeopleLocates
does not notify anyone that a search has been done on them. No "footprints" are left behind. .

If you attempt to engage our services for locating missing persons, please be
prepared to provide us with full disclosure as to your motivation for these services

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