Awhile back, we were hired by an older gentleman in search of background information on his mother.
He assumed that she was likely deceased since he himself was around 60 at the time. We were able to quickly
determin that she had in fact, died, located the death record and orderd a copy of the death certificate.This
is standard procedure in an attenpt to locate next of kin and determine for the client, cause of death, ect...

A few weeks later, we received a oopy of the death certificate and were surprized to learn the cause
of death; "STRANGULATION". To put it another way, she had been murdered. We knew our real work had only
just just begun. How, by whom, when, where and what were the circumstances? We delivered a progress report
to the client and told him, the details if we could get any would take a few weeks, perhaps longer as this
was back in the early 1940's. A police report would be next to impossible to get given the time frame, but we
hired one of our network searchers to go through local newspaper archives a day to a week after the murder,
to see if it was considered important enough for some newspaper to pick up the story.

After a few days, our searcher reported success. She had found an article that reported the story with confirmation
of her name. The story entitled " Woman Strangled for Kiss Refusal", said the gentleman had befriended this lady,
she invited him to her house, and when he made advances towards her, she refused his kiss, and he stangled her.

The man apparently walked around the block a few times afterwards, and then walked into the nearest police station
"I want to report a murder", he told the desk Sargent as he quietly explained. "I've just strangled a woman to death".
We were able to uncover additional background information to work with and conclued the case several weeks later
to the clients' satisfaction.. We always regret to be the barer of bad news in cases like this, but it is part of the job.
Note: newsclipping used with permission

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