Diep and Mr Mike, Vietnam lovers reunited after 30 years

Early in 2004, we were contacted by a gentleman who had served in the military during the American/Viet Nam war and was seeking a woman he had known during that time. He had a lot of scattered but very useful information plus having a very good memory. Armed with a city to begin the search, in this case Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, maps hand-drawn to streets and landmarks he remembered, plus some information off the internet, my wife and I began the hunt.

After a series of mishaps,unrelenting heat of the Mekong Delta, near sunstroke and false leads, our luck began to turn around. We were contacted by two people on the same day who had credible information on Diep. One wanted money and needed time to contact her, and the other seemingly just needed time to get an address. We returned to Ho Chi Minh City and waited. Often times we are contacted by "opportunists" who only see dollar signs instead of stars in their eyes. We know how to sift through the frauds.Subsequently, we were contacted by the woman's brother, who in turn contacted his sister Diep, living in China at the time. Diep then flew back to Viet Nam to meet Mr Mike- who was flying in from the U.S to meet her, my wife and myself.

We ended up having a wonderful Dim Sum lunch at the Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, and the two now plan to meet in Viet Nam once a year for a reunion.The odds of us finding her seemed as remote as finding a distant star, but we found that star, and it turned out to be lucky. Knowing what to do, how to do it, persevance, and inexplicable good timing, worked to the advantage of all concerned. This was one of the most successful, interesting and personally rewarding cases.

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