Below are excerpts excerpts from a live, online chat that followed shortly after this successful locate.

"Hi Lauretta, thanks for the nice words. I was pretty sure it was him. Glad things turned out so well. This is my job, and what I do.
Paul, I'm still so excited about this whole thing! Can't believe its true. I've been on the phone all day
giving out the good news to some of my friends that knew about this. Also e-mailed my friends in U.K. to tell them.
Super. see, and you were very apprehensive at the beginning remember? Aren't you glad you invested this small amount and trusted someone?
this is what I do. this is my job You bet your booties!! I still feel intimidated with things from this computer that go on that I feel
are maybe dishonest, but so happy I trusted YOU! Can u remember the young lady U recommended
that I speak to about your services? Was it Michelle or Julie????? She wanted me to let her know how we made out.........
hmm. was this a Ca reference? Does the name Lydia or Michelle ring a bell? I think it was Michelle come to think of it
I believe it WAS Michelle. Is she from N.J.? PA right! I want to get a hold of her to give her the news, & what a terrific job you did for me"......

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