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Below are 8 testimonials out of more than 500 we have received over the years.These are real people in their own words. Some of these reflect missing persons cases we have located for our clients. Others are adoption related. Still others are a "thank you" note for identifying a suspected dating scam .This- in connection with our Success Stories section (that goes into case details often with photos)- give testament to what we have done in the past ,and continue to do.

Sean B

Thanks again, Paul, At This point, with that level of mental illness, I doubt he even remembers having a son.I would find it more frustrating than anything.Have a very happy holiday and thank you so very much for your follow up. Sean B

Debra S.

Dear Paul, Thank you for the information. I think at this point I will block him from my phone and computer and just disappear.
I almost wish he would have just ask for money. Unfortunately he took from me the one thing that I do not give away
easily and that was my time, my love and my trust. Debra S

Lois D

I wanted to do something special for my best friend Donna. She had told me that she had a brother, who was adopted at birth, 40 years ago whom she had never met. I told her I would help her find him on the internet. I had put up ads on the message boards. One day, this gentleman contacted me through e-mail and said he could help me. His name is Paul, who works as a missing person locator. After talking with him, I decided to hire him for the job, which was the best decision I have ever made in my life. A couple months later, Paul found him. Donna has met her brother Brad, and they are both so happy. Brad lives in Florida and Donna in Connecticut. Brad came to Connecticut 25 days after being found. Donna is going to Florida to spend time with Brad in April. This all would never have been possible, without help from Paul. He works hard on his cases. Thank you Paul, for making a lot of people happy. You truly are the man for the job. Sincerely, Lois D

Lydia K

Dear Paul, I can never thank you enough for finding my adopted son. I always knew he was out there somewhere, but never knew how to find him or had the resources that you have because this is your job.Giving someone a part of their life back that had been missing for so many years. Words are not enough. Hugs and Kisses Lydia K

Sally W.

Hi, Thank you for the update....
We were "playing" around with the info as well and it looked like Florida was the most likely location. Interesting...I'm 5' 0" as well. I know it's her.
This is my birth mom, and thank you so much Sally W

Vinh L.

Hi, Thank you for verifying this guy as a scam..
He was tall. dark and handsome like a dream. He had even asked me for ,money too, but I didn't get that clue,The scam guy not the same guy in the photo, who is a real decorated military hero with a wife and children..
Thanks for saving me some money and from a broken heart. Vinh L

Bill B

Paul, thank you. We all cried when we saw your incredible efforts.
It was so moving to see this search on the Internet.
We have had contact from Lee's family although sketchy.
All was well though her health was declining owing to Dementia.
You're doing an incredible job. Lee's eyes lit up like a child at Christamas.
Thank you, thank you. Bill B

Alan K

Dear Paul, This looks like very good news. I cannot thank you enough.I guess now
the rest is up to me Alan K

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