Two old friends reunited after 36 years-Mr Thich Giai Thong

Early 2010 we were hired by a former U.S Military serviceman who was stationed in Vietnam during the war. He wanted us to try and find his old Vietnamese friend Mr Thich Giai Thong. The information he had consisted of an old photograph of his friend, one letter Mr Thich had written to him after he had returned to America, an old address, an approximate age, plus miscellaneous other information. We were able to locate Mr Thich in Dong Nai Province --with the help of many Vietnamese who knew this man, and all had very credible and similar information to share. None asked for a reward (which we sometimes do offer), or presented us with false and misleading information in the hopes of obtaining a reward. Presently, Mr Thich, now known has Ven (Venerable) Thich Giai Thong and his American friend are in reunification correspondence which makes us very honored to have been of service. This is our greatest reward.This is what we do.

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