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An overview of our major U.S based services offered. This list includes some premium searches. These searches are typically run with results emailed to you within12- 24 hours depending on the search. These searches include. SSN Trace, Lost Inheritance Search, Insurance Policy Search.Others coming soon.. .

Additionally, we have many inquires not mentioned here, some highly specialized searches not referenced in the below lists. These searches can either be nationwide or state specific. Example:If you know the month and year of your subjects birth, but unsure of the "day" within a specific year, or month/year range, our search will fill in the "day" applicable to all the other criteria.. If you know your subjects full or partial date of birth, or have an old name, but maybe unsure of the current name, the search will fill in these names applicable to all the other criteria (useful for searching for females who may have married). Note: If your search is for a female we reserve the right to determine first if contact is mutually desired...
A few more searches we have not mentioned below: :
Bureau of Tobacco Alcohol and Firearms , Denied and Unverified Persons , FAA , Federal Election Commission , General Service Administration , Health and Human Services Exclusions List , National Credit Union Orders , Thrift Supervision , U.S. Treasury Specially Designated Persons

Most importantly you need to tell us in the form at the bottom, exactly what you are looking for, and the specific information you have to work with.

Three Useful Searches You Can Request a Quote about Now
  • Social Security Number Trace-Click for important Info
  • Life Insurance Policy Search-Click
  • Lost Inheritance Search-Click

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