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If your search is for a missing Vietnamese person, we can be of great assistance to you, depending upon how much prior information you have on the person or family you are seeking, most people can be found. It mostly depends on you. Vietnamese average citizens are industrious, honest, poor (but gaining in wealth with each passing year), and very much part of a collectivist society. As such, these inquiries must be handled with caution, respect, and discretion being of paramount importance. Laws sometimes that fall into a "grey area", can be harsh when broken. There is essentially no public record access. As a rule, these are not easy types searches and involve a hands-on approach, in the area your subject was last known in, often travel to distant provinces. Viet Nam is a very "family oriented" culture, and Vietnamese people are very helpful and cooperative in these matters. Without this help and abundance of positive energy, many of our cases would never have been solved. Click to read about a real case If your search is for an American born Vietnamese either missing or adopted out, we can also be of great help to you.

Informal Note:Many services advertising Vietnam searches are based in the United States, Thailand, or Singapore not in Vietnam. Although we are based partly in the United States ourselves, our Vietnamese search team (in Vietnam) will conduct the actual physical inquiry. The emphasis is on "physical". These searches are not and cannot be done on the internet. We know what to do and how to do it. If you would like to speak with someone from our team in Vietnam feel free to email us, and we will provide you with a name, tel # in Ho Chi Minh City, and/or email address if you prefer

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The system of public records in Viet Nam is nearly non-existent, and what there is won't be found on the internet as with America and some other countries. The exception is public telephone directories which are all land-line based. Almost nobody in Viet Nam has a subscription based cell phone service.They are prepaid services- "Pay as you go", no phone bill.

Other Records that are kept, are maintained, by various government agencies and the police. In Viet Nam, the police wield enormous power and influence over everyday affairs in people's lives. Having said that, they have at times been of great help to us- for a price .

In Viet Nam, every family household has a book called "so ho khau gia dinh", in which each family member's name, birth date, state issued national identification number- "chung minh nhan dan" (CMND)and where born, is registered with and issued by the local police district. This book is very important in Viet Nam and shows family relationships.

Obtaining physical "hard copy" proof of some event or other in the form of a document can be a daunting task. As with all missing person cases, if you have an old photo of the person, (no matter how old, or condition), it can prove invaluable. Like the old saying: A Picture is worth a thousand words, is very true, but a picture is not mandatory to a successful locate. Equally important, is our tenacity, and skill in knowing what to do and how to do it, accurate subject information, family history and having good luck. Please provide as much information as you can and submit it to us for an evaluation and cost estimate. Some things to provide when making an inquiry are as follows:

  • Persons full name and family connections
  • Persons date of birth (parts of or estimate)
  • Past addresses, how long ago & associations
  • Where you met, detailed situation background
  • Persons family history, where from originally
  • What their job was and community connections
  • Religious affiliations,other interests if known
  • Photographs of person, family members, friends
  • If in the Military, what branch, how long & where

  • Note below sample of a pre-1975 Viet Nam ID card, including ID#, (no longer valid). Most of the people we are searching for fit into these war years category, but not always. Please keep in mind the Vietnam War (which Vietnamese call the American War) ended in 1975 With each passing year there are fewer and fewer people searching. It is still possible to locate someone from these war years, but time is not on your side, This Could Be Your Last Chance. . On the back is a section for distinguishing marks or characteristics. This includes things like scars, birth marks, ect...If the person you are looking for has any of these you are aware of- this is also very helpful, especially if visible

    Luong, Thi Oanh,(click photo to enlarge) born 1948, North Vietnam she had a son named Minh, Met American serviceman at a bar-hotel near Saigon (not from Tan Son Nhut Air Base) in late 1969. This serviceman was in U.S Army and worked with Pacific Stars and Stripes (newspaper) and later PA&E, (Pacific Architects and Engineers). Close friendship continued in Vietnam for about two years. Ms. Luong had two children when the American serviceman met her, and had two more while he was friends with her. She initially told her lover that her Vietnamese husband had died in the war, but later told him the man was still alive. The two children born (when her lover knew her) could have been his. She seemed rather well educated, and she was definitely Catholic Oanh was about 5 feet 2 inches tall. She has one distinguishing physical mark that she can be identified by. In addition, she had some kind of accident at her home during the time he knew her. This was to her legs. If you have any information, contact email

    Mother's Name: Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet,bottom photo (click photos to enlarge)- born Jan 1, 1953, Vietnam. Top Photo Daughter's Name Pham, Ngoc Phuong Oanh. born May 20, 1981. Tuyet was 5 Feet tall, and Oanh had a birth mark on her leg. Both had black hair, brown eyes. Last known Residence, 2 c nguyen thai son? f 3 quan go vap, Viet Nam. (Go Vap is a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, formely Sai Gon). Both mother and daughter reportedly left for America by boat on march/3/1989. If you have any information, contact email

    Nguyen Cao (click photo to enlarge) H? TP Ho Ch?inh t?me l?guyen Thi Phi? T??l?guyen Cao H? TP Ho Ch?inh. T?u?n t?me t???t tin t? kho?ng n?1970. M? t?ang M? ??t?v?? ??h?c?h?n ? tin g?? m? c?a t?T?in chuy?n ?nh?ng th?tin v? m? t?ung nh?th? nh?vi? T? Nguyen Thi Phi? Sinh n? 1940 Nguy?qu? Tan Hunh, Vinh Long T?c?em: Ton, Kim, Te, Hung, Thu, Dung, Thuy T?ch?ng: Nguyen Cao H?inh n?1938 T?c?con: Nguy?n Cao H?Nguyen Th? Ngoc H?Nguyen Cao Ngoc H?nh ?a chi cu: 133/5/1 T??n Th? (Tr?i ?o B?h?Ai bi?t tin t?c g?? m? t?in b?cho t?heo ?ch?: Nguyen Cao H??a chi: 116/33/17 T??n Th?, P15, Q10, TP HCM. ?: 090 800 6010.
    contact Hung Nguyen at: Xin chan thanh cam ta.

    Name: Phuong Danh. (click photo to enlarge) Photo taken Aug 1967. Approximate age 60, as of 2006, . Last known Residence, Cam Ranh Bay, Viet Nam, Worked as housekeeper for US AirForce military personnel. The US had the Government at the time relocate some people to My Ca and Ba Ngoi Villages as workers in 1965. The first was 5000 people and later there were 15,000 people in Ba Ngoi. She could have been moved there in 1965 from somewhere else. Known Religon, Catholic. If you have any information, contact email

    Name: NGO THI. (click photo to enlarge) Occupation, farmer. This man's ID card was found by an American solider in 1965 in one of 5 coastal villages collectively known as Van Tuong. Van Tuong is situated south of Da Nang & Chu Lai (Marine airbase), and north of Qui Nhon.If you have any information, contact Mr Alan Typinski email:

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