For nearly 30 years I tried to find my father through military and officials with no success. I am a World War 11 baby. My father didn't even know I existed until a year ago.

My friend's son in the UK had a computer for his 14th birthday last September 2001. He started by trying to find my father. While searching, he stumbled upon a website which said people and family finder. Why not try He did, and within 24 hours we got a result.Note: was our original site from which this locate was made.

I can't thank People Finder Now enough . They have made my dream come true, to which I will be eternally grateful.. I sing their praises all the time., and would recommend them to anybody. They are world-wide. It was very inexpensive to find my dad. The best money I have ever spent.

Yours Truly,
Daphne- from the UK

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